We want you to feel happy when you experience our spaces

“Our goal is to fully understand the customer and the end user of each space we design, and in order to do that we have to listen, understand and know how to read between the lines, being able to translate the needs of each one to the design we propose. Each client has a story to tell and so do our projects, each project is unique and we create a story for each one of them”.

Elena Durán and Marta Álvarez del Manzano, who are both interior designers, were lucky  to know each other and work together for several years in the same studio. At the beginning of the year 2021 they founded their own studio, dichoso·estudio, located in the city of Madrid.

Elena Durán, from Barcelona, studied interior design in her hometown, as well as in Paris at  EINA university. She worked for 3 years in London at Taylor Howes studio and then worked at MIL Studios in Madrid for several years.

Marta Álvarez del Manzano was born in Madrid, where she studied interior architecture at the Polytechnic University. She started working in the architecture studio Euroamykasa and later, she developed most of her professional career in MIL Studios for almost 9 years.

Both share the same vision, they are very clear about what they want and what they aim for:

“We understand interior design as the path towards the creation of spaces full of harmony, balance and beauty, transmitting emotions to the end user”.


Años de experiencia

Creando Proyectos para que nuestros clientes vivan su Histora

Cada proyecto es único y lo encaramos con una metodología de trabajo que nos permite satisfacer a nuestros clientes con Éxito



Nos apasiona nuestro trabajo y es nuestra fuerza motora


Adaptar el diseño a los gustos, preferencias y presupuesto.


Entender al cliente y al usuario final. Leer entre líneas sus necesidades


Crear una historia única para cada proyecto y cada cliente

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