Partnership with MIL Studios

80 Degrees

Designing a restaurant for 80 degrees means designing to have a good time. Each of its venues has a different aesthetic but they all have the same essence.

The clients become a key element when it comes to proposing the concept and design of each restaurant. Let's say that their character, in some way, is reflected in each one of them. Freshness, young, colourful, fun, unusual ... are some of the words and adjectives that represent the client's profile and, therefore, we want them to be reflected in every detail designed for their restaurant.

In this case we were lucky enough to collaborate with MIL Studios in this 80º restaurant located in Montecarmelo.

We started from a neutral but very marked and bold base, where we tried to emphasize the floor and the great ceiling at 5mts high. From the custom design of a large carpet with organic patterns that runs throughout the large main space of the restaurant and a large organic tongue upholstered in a metallic fabric hanging from the ceiling, the space takes on a unique and spectacular personality, all combined with concrete walls and custom-designed organic furniture, with upholstery in bright and vibrant colours.

Lighting is a very important element in the project, where we played with punctual lighting from designer floor lamps, a more general lighting from subtle lamps hanging from the ceiling at a height of 5mts, and neon lights with movement and colour changes depending on the time of day.

The bathrooms, on an upper floor, become another space in the restaurant, a special space designed with pink carpets and shiny and metallic fabrics, neon lights... where the user lives another experience in this corner of the restaurant.

This is 80 degrees, a place with a young and fun essence that will never cease to surprise.