Partnership with MIL Studios 

Located in 7 Génova street, Amicitia was born, a restaurant that is known for its great food and the quality of its products, where the main goal of the client is to create a nexus between culinary culture and wellbeing.

The client was very clear from the outset that they wanted to offer 2 types of services to their clients and that is why the premises are divided into 2 zones, one next to the façade with a more casual type of menu based on high tables and stools and then, separated by the bar, we find a succession of 2 dining rooms where we find more dressed tables, more comfortable seats, destined for a more formal and elegant type of menu.

In this project, the unique product is the most important element, and therefore the selection of materials to design this restaurant becomes a great challenge to achieve this authenticity and honesty. This led us to choose, together with MIL Studios, noble and totally natural materials, typical of the cuisine offered in this restaurant, such as French oak wood floors, walls and ceilings covered with textured cements that remind us of the earth, the origin of many foods, vegetable elements that give the space naturalness and warmth, all mixed with comfortable furniture with a sophisticated touch. The whole gives off a rustic and natural air, but at the same time sophisticated, like the dishes sold here.

This is Amicitia, a gastronomic temple with its own identity and an important culinary culture.