When we were hired for this aparthotel project in Granada, we had to take into account a very important fact, and that is that the building where this activity was going to be implemented was a heritage listed building, with a classical character. From there, we had to be faithful to the enclave in which we found ourselves.

We based our design on a simple, clean, contemporary design but with that classic touch that is typical of the essence of the building. To achieve this, we used a large format porcelain stone floor in natural stone, as well as natural oak wood plank cladding, in a more contemporary style in contrast with a more classical style in the use of mouldings that highlight the ceilings.

Once the container had been defined, the contents were designed in a very careful and faithful manner, based on the design and selection of fresh, neutral, warm and welcoming furniture, halfway between the sophisticated and the natural, the contemporary and the classic.

We opted for a design that would not go out of fashion and would prevail over time.