"A spell of folklore and colour... sown in the south, a mingling between flounces with the elves of joy where crying becomes singing, and singing its agony, dance and copla, laughter and crying, to the sound of castanets, mixing a concert of palms with the light of the candles and this rhythm becomes dance, in all the Andalusian people!..."

Ángeles Asensio

This stanza of Ángeles Asensio's poem was very inspiring for us when it came to tackling this project. The Hotel U-Sense, a boutique hotel with 32 rooms, located in the heart of Granada, in the Plaza Pib Rambla with wonderful views of the Cathedral.

Adjectives that for us describe this city, such as colourful, cheerful, fresh and warm, rhythmic yet Mediterranean and fascinating, dazzling and truly beautiful, are the pillars that helped us to create the concept that has led us to the development of the final design of this project.

All this is reflected in the proposed design, in which we have used a chromatic range in earthy, bright and cheerful tones that remind us of the environment in which we are, from the use of handcrafted materials typical of the area such as clay checkerboard floors in white and earth colours, wall paintings in pink and green tones, woods that give us spatial warmth and comfort, all combined with a special furniture and custom designed for the project, as well as a warm lighting that generates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

It is a lively, cheerful, contemporary and welcoming hotel, where the goal is for the end user to experience emotions and feel at home.