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The client was clear about 2 things, one was the type of homemade product, typical of Spain that he wanted to offer his clients, and the other was the feeling of being in a beach/mountain area while eating.

These guidelines led us to design a long bar located in the centre of the premises, dividing the premises into 2 different areas, a more informal and casual area with high tables and stools for snacking and a more formal area with a continuous bench and tables at a height of 75cm for more formal dining.

In order to transmit the sensations that the client wanted to convey to the end client, we opted for the use of a combination of floors, a beige terrazzo floor that reminded us of the beach combined with a natural wood floor that reminded us more of the mountains, which also served to visually divide the different rooms. In addition, the bar had to take a leading role, so we chose to cover it with a curved tile in relief, which led us to that idea of a tavern but more contemporary. All this combined with sand-coloured walls in a cement finish, mirror elements that doubled and gave light to the premises, as well as warm and natural furniture.

A breakfast, a lunch, a dinner... horseriding between the beach and the mountains.