LaFinca Grand Café

Located in the Grand Café shopping centre in La Finca, the new Rivera brand shop opens its doors, a fashion shop where each garment has its own style and very clear values: craftsmanship, versatility, atemporality, warmth, tradition and innovation.

Based on these values, the design comes to life through materials that connect perfectly with the personality and soul of the brand and its designer. This is why we have opted for a simple, neutral and light-coloured design, where the main star is the product on display. Starting from this neutral box, we have been able to give a touch of sophistication and contemporary style by choosing 3 elements that contrast and break with the neutrality of the rest of the shop, such as the case of a central counter designed in handmade clay in dark colours, a large Italian smoked glass lamp that guards the centre of the shop and a subtle range of black colours used in the display elements and other lighting elements.

Natural materials such as stone floors, handcrafted wall finishes from black plaster, linen textiles .... are the basics that have been used for the design of this space, which combined with the clothes on display, invoke the main values that represent the brand.

A shop with a timeless and versatile design, which adapts completely to any type of customer and any type of product to be displayed in it, always reminiscent of tradition.