margaritas & mexican food

Xipe, that's the name of the new mexican food restaurant that has just opened on Paseo de la Castellana, at Nº105. It has 2 floors, a street level floor with 82m2 of dining room and 18m2 of kitchen and a 31m2 basement floor, where bathrooms and storage rooms are located.

From the beginning, the client was clear that 2 types of services were going to be offered, one more informal and for snacking and the other one more formal, for this reason and due to the morphology of the premises, led us to distribute the restaurant in 2 clearly differentiated areas:

  • A more informal space next to the entrance, adjacent to the façade, which has large windows that provide this space with plenty of natural light.
  • An elevated and spatially larger area that led us to conceive it as the more formal restaurant, where the layout is based on an L-shaped bench and tables that can be joined together to create groups of 10 people or separated to reduce the groups to 4/5 people, giving the space a great deal of versatility.

Based on the simple, neutral, round, warm and natural architecture of the famous Mexican architect, Luis Barragán, and on the figure of Xipe, the Mexican deity of agriculture, goldsmithing, corn... the concept that has given shape to the design of this restaurant was born. It is for this reason that wheat plays an important role in the decoration of the restaurant.

The use of natural and handcrafted materials such as triangular-shaped clay, sand-coloured cements, pebble stone, black plaster in its most natural finish for , where what we seek is to escape from uniformity, marking the handcrafted hand of man. All this mixed with the green of the cactus typical of Mexico, wooden furniture, rattan and leather chairs typical of Mexico, lamps designed to measure from natural fabrics, macramé tapestries, ethnic upholstery ... that take us to that Mexican and artisan universe.

The chromatic base of the place is neutral, created from an interior architecture of earth, terracotta and broken white colours, which break with maroons, greens, oranges... present in upholstery, furniture and the rest of the decoration.

The use of this range of colours, the open spaces and the light become an integral element of this emotional interior design project.

This is Xipe, natural and simple, a place to be, to share, to enjoy and to come together.