"You in music and we in architecture, we are all interested in structure. For me, structure is the creator of light. When I choose a structural order that demands one column after another, a rhythm appears like this: no light, light, no light, light, light, no light, light (...). Architecture creates the sensation of being in a world within another world (...)".

Louis Kahn, in L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

In this project there are NO unnecessary breaks, but rather a play on spaciousness and empty spaces in height. The freedom of movement means that each room is functionally open to the other, creating a prolonged continuity, without obvious breaks.

The proposal is to erase the limits between inside and outside, between public and private, articulating spaces and expanding the visuals.

Experiencing, inhabiting and living the house in a new way, where there is a spatial continuity in which the interior routes are fluid and organic, trying to "recreate" that natural "feel" of the exterior, typical of the island that is inhabited. An organic route where exterior and interior merge into one.